Can you let fear go and do your best?

Do you feel afraid to do something that could be a great idea? Fear can stop you from being your best self related site. Fear can make it difficult to feel empowered and help us stay in our comfort zone. Some people love to stay in their comfort zone. Others crave more.

Are you scared? Do you ever feel afraid? There are many situations in which fear can occur. Some with good reasons, some unique to you (maybe a phobia), and some without any apparent reason. Fear can be helpful in certain circumstances, but can hold you back from many other situations. When I look back, I see how I was a scaredy-cat when I was a little girl.

And perhaps as an adult at times. While I may not have experienced fear the same way as you, I did experience it. You might be able to relate to some of these experiences. I remember feeling afraid that no-one would accept me, fearful of being bullied, and scared of failing to get good grades in school. I even remember being afraid to cross a pedestrian crossing because the driver behind me might suddenly turn around and run me down. I was afraid of some spirit beings that my mother saw at an early age. Note, this is only a small number, which is another interesting point. My mum and I had a long conversation about my fear of dying when I was about 8 or 9. At such a young age, it was an interesting conversation that set me on the path of discovery. It was then that life became less frightening for me. Even though crossings were still scary, I felt less anxious about the drivers.

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