Security For College Campuses And Offices

Protecting your property is more difficult if you work in a shared workplace investigations Melbourne. It is possible, although it can be more challenging. First, discuss security concerns with colleagues. Assemble a team to agree that the door will only be opened by the last person to go. Your office key should be with you whenever you leave the office. This isn’t a security feature but it could save you the embarrassment and inconvenience of returning to the office after lunch to find everyone gone and the office locked.

The best defense against theft of property in an office is to lock your door when you are not there. The only defense against crime is a locked, but closed, door. Ask any campus security guard about investigating office thefts. They will tell you how many victims have said, “I was just in the toilet a few seconds.” Office crime is a crime of opportunity. You can take that opportunity away by locking your doors.

If you are bringing personal items to work, such a fan, radio, or other device, engrave them in reverse order with your identifying data such as your driver license number and the last four numbers of your social insurance number. There are many hobby supply and hardware stores that sell engravers. You should not make public your travel plans. A caller should not be told by a coworker that a friend is traveling to Mexico. This is similar to telling a burglar that they can go to their home to steal their property. Tell callers that they are “away for a few minutes.” The less you say, the better.

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