Personal GPS Tracking: What’s in it For You?

Now imagine that it is the end of your working day. Your partner has not returned yet. When will they return? You can spend an hour watching TV, have a glass of wine, take a shower, or do some useful tasks like tidying up or yoga. You might want to make dinner if you have ten minutes. Click here for more

They are what you call. You can’t reach them because they are underground. You text them, and you sit there wondering what the best thing is. You never know when the text will arrive. If they do, they might say, “umm, sorry, I was delayed a bit.” It continues. Every evening. You wouldn’t have the need to dance with telecomms companies every night if you could see them. This would help you save some money on your mobile phone bill.

Imagine if your partner got home within 30 minutes? This gives you enough time to prepare food. You have plenty of time to prepare food. What are you waiting for? You might relax. You might find it relaxing.

It’s possible to send geofence alerts using existing technology. This technology is so affordable that you may not need new gadgets. All you need to do is download the PS40 software if you have a capable phone. This service is based on accuracy and real-time.

It is possible to locate a phone number using an existing network. These services are not good enough to locate someone in a particular district, but they don’t do much better. They aren’t real-time so they won’t send you an alert. All that has been changed by KoolTrax. It’s a service provided by Blue Tree Services Ltd in Ireland.

KoolTrax allows you to see the exact location (up to 4m) of the person you are tracking on your phone in real-time. It also shows you a breadcrumb trail showing where they have been. You will need to first download the software to your phone to track it.

They are currently working on a Symbian version and a Java KoolTrax version, but it only works with Windows Mobile version 5 or higher. To see the location of your partner, you will need an Internet-connected Windows PC.

GPS capability is also required. The GPS system is what enables satellite navigation in your car. It’s also how your phone can know where you are so that it can give you directions. There are two options: You can either buy a phone that has GPS capability or you could purchase one that doesn’t. Either buy a new phone with GPS capability or add it to your PDA or existing phone. These add-ons can be connected wirelessly to your phone via BlueTooth, or plug into an expansion slot. These GPS add-ons are priced at around PS40

Once your equipment is set up, you can download the software and set up geofence alarms and alerts as many times as you like. A breadcrumb trail can be viewed that tracks the location of the phone-owner for up to one month.

Time is precious. It’s worth knowing the exact location of your partner and their arrival time so you have peace of mind.