How to spread your blog post across the internet

You can do a lot with a blog once it’s written. This article will explain how to promote your blog post. First, let’s look at the post.

I get asked a lot by people what the ideal length of a blog article is. These tips will assist you in this operazione colomba.

While it’s not easy to decide what length to use for blog content, it’s generally considered that 800-1000 words are the best.

My blog posts are usually 1000+ words. I rarely write posts over 800 words anymore.

My blog doesn’t have long articles for the sake space. I only write quality content with lots information. That requires a lot writing. I don’t care if people just scan my content. They are not my target audience. Are you writing blogs for traffic, or just because of

It’s now time to spread the word about my blog post.

Here are some suggestions…

Social Media (all of them and all of them)

Each time you publish a new blog post, it is important to promote it. Start by sharing the post on your favorite social networking sites. Don’t forget to create an account on Twitter and Facebook. To promote your content on those platforms, it is essential that you create one.

Posting Media Sites

Tumblr and Newsvine are two examples of what I refer to as posting media. They are in the middle of social media and content-sharing. Here you would have to write something like a mini blog post to promote the main article on your site. Don’t copy other people’s content. Make new content, and then link to your own blog post.


These sites differ slightly from social media, because you have to share the content of others in order to get yours. Triberr and Social Buzz Club are some examples, but there are many other sites.

Article Directors

EzineArticles has been a tool I use since 2006. With a lengthy break, I must admit that I was very busy with my professional blogs. But article directories like this one can help you promote and market your blog post. You should make sure that your article is informative, original and follows all the rules. These sites are usually built around and are meant to be attractive to visitors.