Writing a great blog article – Don’t follow the crowd. Be creative

Millions of people attempt to make blogs, trying harder to get their blog noticed. Good content is the key to a great blog. Too much attention to the ads and the design will only lead you to one problem: Google White Space. What will you do next? What will happen next? When you’re creating a blog, it is important to remember patience is your friend. A big factor is the uniqueness of your posts. The best way to answer this question is to use tindleandassociates.com.

You will find that most people focus on the money, keywords Google, Google Ads, appearance, and Google Ads. No matter how nice and clean your blog appears, nobody will find it. No one will just go to your blog and click on a few ads. What can you do when you visit a website full of ads? You can avoid them entirely, it’s all just about the writing. However, money is not an impossible thing. It’s just that if you focus too hard on the money, it will lead to failure. You have to be passionate about writing. Instead of focusing on how you’re going to make money, it is important to think about how your post is going impact someone. One great post is enough to crush a million weeks worth of keyword-stuffed posts.

Be independent from the crowd

There are many people that share the same interest, using the same keywords and with the exact same adds. You are simply joining a long line of others competing for the top Google spot. The software you buy includes keyword tools, article-submission software, and backlink services. Everybody is doing it and most people have wasted their money trying to make a living. I do not recommend you waste your time if you plan to start a blog about weight loss, fashion or gaming. The only thing you’ll be doing is competing for back links or power. Your time will be spent looking for tricks to get your site noticed, rather than actually writing content. This is the time when people give in.

The way keywords are used

It can be really difficult to write when you’re focused on fitting keywords into the post. There are many posts where I used a keyword, and I can’t find that keyword anywhere in the post. Because the title of the post was very good and well-written, it is not obvious that the keyword was used. The keyword blossomed into a beautiful flower when it was paired with the title and entire post. Search engines aren’t looking for the most keywords-rich post. Search engines don’t look for the most keyword-related post. They only want the one with the best content. It’s not about how you fit keywords in. Think about how you can make it have an impact. This will give you more ideas for writing.

Ideas and tips for writing and making good posts

Passion, love stories. Humor. Write for your readers, not Google. You should put passion and feeling into your writing. It’s not important to consider how and when people will click your ads or links. Consider the reader who is reading your entire post. How will it make them feel? A post that is focused on the reader, rather than the money, will have a greater impact and provoke more comments. This will give you blog life and more attention.

Just one post is enough.

Let’s say you have written many blog articles and they are not receiving any attention, readers or responses. Don’t despair. A single great post will get you many readers. Make a positive thought and then spend time working on it. You can make your post shine by studying it. Bookmark your post. Spend your time focusing your attention on the one post. You can backlink to your blog instead of linking back to it. If your other posts are great, they will direct readers to yours.

Let’s face facts, people look for answers, ideas, or good stories when they search for something. They aren’t looking for links or money. Keep your blog simple and don’t clutter it up with ads. One great post combined with one great ad will improve your chances of making some cash. Try to convince yourself that you don’t want to make any money.

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